Sanshu Asuke Yashiki


[ Traditional annual events ]

Setsubun, Mamemaki
MoMo no sekku, Hinamaturi
MoMo no sekku, Hinamaturi
Tango no sekku, Kodomo no hi
Tango no sekku, Kodomo no hi
January 3:
The opening of Yashiki year. Free drink (traditional sweet rice wine)
what's shogatsu

January 15:
The traditional ornaments in the farm house and the tree performance Narikizeme to pray for the good harvest in a new year. Free eating of Azuki-gayu, rice porridge with azuki beans and rice cakes.

February 3:
The Mamemaki performance and the Yaikagasi ornament to exterminate devils and diseases.
what's setsubun

March 3:
MoMo no sekku, Hinamaturi (Doll's festival)
what's hinamaturi

May 5:
Tango no sekku, Kodomo no hi (Children's Day)
what's Kodomo no hi

July 7:
A bamboo tree hanging many wishes on paper
what's Tanabata

August 13-16:
the obon ornaments around the Butsudan in the Omoya farm house.
what's Obon

August 15 in the old luni-solar calendar (that is around the full moon night between mid-September and mid-October):
Otukimi (Moon festival)
The Otukimi ornaments ··· autumn vegetables with autumn wild flowers.

[ Seasonal attractions ]

Mid-February through the beginning of March :
Tyuuma no Ohinasan
Old & new hina dolls (called Ohinasan in the Asuke area) are exhibited in the houses along the old Asuke town streets as well as in the other spots like Asuke-yashiki. Doll decorations, shops and food stalls. Good for a half-day walk. 10am.-4am.
Tyuuma no Ohinasan Tyuuma no Ohinasan
Tyuuma no Ohinasan

About ten days holiday around April 29 through May 5:
Golden week Asuke Renaissance Fair
Handicraft shops, food stalls, activity tents and Japanese Drum performances, etc. in Korankei Hiroba. All day open during the golden week.
Asuke Renaissance Fair Asuke Renaissance Fair
Golden week Asuke Renaissance Fair

The whole month of November :
Momiji maturi(Autumn Leaf festival)
The busiest month in Korankei & Asuke-yashiki. Korankei is a popular spot for viewing colorful autumn leaves. Starting mid to late November, MOMIJI (Koyo), that is colorful leaves, continues towards the beginning of December. For the whole month of November, there are many things to see and do in Korankei. Handicraft shops, food stalls, activity tents and various performances every day. Lighting up maple trees from 5pm. to 9pm. Good for both day-time and night-time walks. The Chinese noodle Toshomen (sword grinding noodle) restaurant has been popular since 1988, cooked by Chinese chefs invited from Nanjing.
Momiji maturi Momiji maturi Momiji maturi
Momiji maturi

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