Sanshu Asuke Yashiki


10 kinds of traditional handicraft demonstration, farmers-life...
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Farm House Weaving Straw Crafts Umbrella Making Wooden Tub Making Kaedemon Gate -- Souvenir Shop Coffee Shop the KATAKAGO Hinoki-chaya Restaurant Kunpu-tei Restaurant Wood Turning Livestock Banboo Basket Weaving Blacksmith Charcoal Making Dyeing Paper Making
  • Straw Crafts
  • Weaving
  • Wooden Tub Making
  • Umbrella Making
  • Paper Making
  • Charcoal Making
  • Blacksmith
  • Bamboo Basket Weaving
  • Wood Turning
  • Dyeing
  • Livestock
  • Store House:
    In the Dozo store house, silkworms are raised from summer through autumn. There are also other exhibits on the second floor.
  • Event Hall:
    Banbankan has a slogan, "let's do it" (banban iko).
    A Syowa period house is on display inside .The present exhition depicts images of Asuke from the 1950's .
  • Handicrafts center:
    Handicraft studio: The Indigo Dyeing can be viewed in the middle room.
    In the other rooms, you can try a variety of crafts using bamboo and indigo dyeing.
  • Kaedemon Gate:
    The tradition of making a non-nail joints hozozashi and a white wall shikkui is seen in this gate. Domestic timbers such as; Japanese cedar, cypress, pine and chestnut are used to make pillars and beams.
  • Asuke-mura:
    With five-minute walk from Sanshu Asuke Yashiki, you reach Asuke-mura. Once you cross the red hanging bridge, there are 6 accommodation facilities. Each is a cottage with an open fireplace where you can enjoy the traditional lifestyle of Asuke. Each cottage is equipped with a barbecue grill and utensils. There is also a barbecue shelter with a capacity for 40 people. You can use the cottage during the daytime without spending the night, to go swimming in the river, or taking a walk around the village.
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